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Jacqueline Rosenberg

Skin Clinic Amsterdam Blaricum Utrecht


Skin Specialist with attention

A treatment is booked for a block of 55 minutes for a price of 120 Euro. Within this time frame, the skin receives whatever attention is needed. Herein lies an all in price and all the precious resources needed are used, both equipment and high quality concentrated active ingredients. Think of microneedling, removal of blackheads, pustules (white heads), Glycolic acid (deep cleansing and exfoliation) Hyaluronic acid (Skinbooster, hydration and collagen multiplication) vitamin ampoules or a power-packing. A menu of prices split with the name of the treatment makes it difficult for the client to choose. It is important for the skin specialist to know what the complaint or skin desire is. It is ultimately about visible results. Think of 1 or more goals within these 55 minutes;

Firmer skin (glycol, microneedling & Hyaluronic acid) think jaw, eyelids, abdomen, upper arms

Wrinkle reduction (glycol, microneedling total and per wrinkle & Hyaluronic acid)

Smaller pores (glycol & microneedling)

Removal of acne / impurities

Pigmentation spot removal through glycol peeling (many small ones entire face)


An exception to the whole concerns the CryoPen. This is used to remove;

(genital) warts



age-related warts

foot warts

conspicuous pigmentation spots face hands or elsewhere.


For the first 2 spots to be removed (skin lesions) you pay 120 Euro and for the third or more 19 Euro each.


Skin Improving Body Massage Amsterdam, Blaricum, Utrecht

Another exception concerns the body massage. If combined with the body Glycol / Hyaluron / microneedling / vitamin oil the price of 120 Euro for a block of 55 minutes also applies.


Relaxation massage

New in the skin practice Blaricum is the Body Chill Out Massage. This focuses solely on the removal of stress. Stress causes cortisol which damages our health of body & mind. Since the skin is a reflection of our total health we have included this massage as well. For a 55 minute block of total relaxation you pay 80 Euro. This can also be booked in the evenings.


Relaxation massage Vondelpark Amsterdam

Preparations are also underway for this relaxation massage to be booked in the Vondelpark, so not at our existing location at the Vondelpark (Van Eeghenlaan 27) but in the park with the address PC Hooftstraat 183. Show your interest by WhatsApp and we will let you know when there is space (+) 06 53 27 60 70

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