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Skin Blemishes

Skin imperfections can always be removed.We are talking about gerstekorrels (milia) warts, angiomas, ageing warts, stalk warts (fibromas) connective tissue bumps, scars and foot warts. We can remove these instantly and painlessly with -89 degrees using a pen that very precisely freezes only the spot itself. We do not freeze the healthy tissue next to the spot because the -89 degrees involves a very thin street. The ray comes from the CryoPen. There is still an old-fashioned method. It is unfortunately still used by many doctors. It involves a nitrogen tank where a freezing cold cotton swab or the spot is pressed. This is painful and can also cause scarring. With the CryoPen, we do not touch you. Only the very thin cold jet touches the spot. The CryoPen is an expensive device hence not every skin expert owns it. Scars can sometimes also be treated with this technique. For acne scars microneedling and Glycolic acid is more successful.


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