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Utrecht Maliebaan

Maliebaan 45, 3581 CD  Utrecht

maliebaan45 Utrecht Locatie Huidpraktijk
Huidpraktijk Maliebaan Utrecht.jpeg

Openingstijden; Maandag t/m donderdag van 08.30 tot 21.30 uur, vrijdag 8.30-17 uur

A N T I -- A G E C O A C H


I am Jacqueline Rosenberg skin specialist, founder and owner of the cosmetic brand for skin improvement "Rosenberg Skin Clinic" this is sold through the webshop and 


A skin in top condition, even in later life, says something about the inside, the condition of the organs, a balanced mind and a good happiness level.


This is why, in addition to symptom control (e.g. firming already sagging skin), I like to work preventively (preventing connective tissue loss).


For this purpose, the 4 needs;


care on the inside (nutrition)

care on the outside (skin)

care of the feeling of happiness (mindfulness)



On YouTube/JacquelineRosenberg and Instagram/rosenbergskinclinic all 4 needs will be addressed.


At the Amsterdam Vondelpark and Utrecht Maliebaan locations I work for the following:


Acne treatment (+reimbursement from insurance)

With CryoPen painless removal of pigmentation, age spots, genital and normal warts, fibroids, birthmarks, angiomas, etc.

Skin firming (Microneedling)

Massage with skin firming glycol trapped in oil



Working on Anti Aging works preventively on the total well-being and health of the body. Rosenberg prevails through nutrition and reduction of carbohydrates to eliminate low grade inflammatory forms from the body. 


Price: 120 euros per hour 



Greetings and see you soon!


Tel 035-2080720


Feel free to WhatsApp! 0653276070  #skin improvement #microneedling #acnetreatment #cryopes #pigment spots #antiaging

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