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Genital Warts

You can also get warts on your penis, vagina or anus. This is called genital warts. This is transmissible through sex and unfortunately a condom usually does not work adequately because the warts are also outside this area. This is an STD. The most commonly identified STD is chlamydia. In heterosexuals, herpes and genital warts (HPV) follow. In gay men, it is syphilis and gonorrhea. 


Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus. Everyone has experienced the virus (80%) at one time or another. Not everyone gets warts from it. Sometimes the wart goes away by itself. But unfortunately there are many clients who have waited (too) long and come into the practice with ten or more warts.


Most clients have already been to the doctor (they don't have to) and have been given a cream. What we hear from especially our female clients is that this cream or tincture affects the lining of the vagina. This results in painful clearing while the warts do not go away. Because of our specific Cryopen Treatment, we are able to remove warts painlessly and immediately. This is our daily work so do not hesitate to make an appointment. We regularly experience that especially women, due to the soft painful mucous membrane, come in with a tear because they have already gone a long way with painful smears. They also often leave again with a tear, of happiness. Don't wait any longer because it is expanding rapidly. Feel free to take a look at the CryoPen 


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