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Wrinkles are caused by dynamism (frowning, smiling) or sagging skin. If a skin is resilient and well hydrated then a wrinkle will not remain visible after dynamics. Most wrinkles occur because there is sagging skin because the stretch is out. Collagen is no longer produced unless the skin has a wound. Again years ago, at the burn hospital, they invented a system of using very small needles (thin and short) to puncture the skin so that the skin will produce its own collagen. We call this wrinkle treatment microneedling. If we then also add the right serum we get great results.


This means that we can tighten sagging skin with wrinkles without surgery.


without scars

without pain

without risks (which every surgery has)

No bruising

No recovery time


Different zones can be chosen

Upper arms

Decolleté & neck

Jaw line (double chin & cheeks)

Drooping eyelids

Eyebrows & crow's feet

Smoker's slip



Treatment for sagging skin & wrinkles concerns;








Microneedling treatment is always combined with Glycolic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid.

Also, a #doityourself action is expected. Skin care for every day has a huge positive impact. This home care can be found in the web shop

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